Final and Draft Maps

2016 Adopted Plan


On January 12, 2016, by a unanimous vote, the City Council approved the following Council District map. The new Council districts will be used for Council elections starting in November, 2016.


2016 Adopted Districting Plan (posted January 12, 2016):




January 12, 2016 UPDATE: The information below is preserved for archive purposes. The districting process is now complete.


Draft Maps

For each draft plan listed below, there are links to Adobe PDF maps and PDF demographic
profiles and a link to an interactive maps that allow you to zoom in and out to see plan details, down to the individual house.


On December 8th, the City Council selected its prefered plan, which is scheduled to return to Council January 12th for final adoption.


Some residents submitted their plan anonymously, with their own proposed creative naming. The names in quotation marks given below for each plan are the names provided by the submitter.

Council's December 8, 2015, Preferred Plan


On December 8th, 2015, the City Council expressed its preference for the "NDC 5" map of five Council Districts. This map is scheduled to return to Council for its formal adoption on January 12, 2016.

As proposed, Districts 3 and 4 would be up for election in 2016. Districts 1, 2 and 5 will be up for election in 2018.


"Round 2" Plans


Plan Demographics Comparison Slide (Updated Dec. 3)

  • Shows the following:
    • population deviation from ideal;
    • Latino & Asian-American Citizen Voting Age Population of each plan's most-Latino and most-Asian-American districts;
    • Voter registration and voter turnout data for those same districts; and
    • Councilmembers paired in each proposed plan.
  • This file will be updated as new plans are received and processed.

NDC 4-seat plan (posted Nov. 13)

NDC 5-seat plan (posted Nov. 13)

Coalition 1 (received Nov. 5)

Coalition 2 (received Nov. 5)

Coalition 3 (5-District map) (Map received Nov. 5. NEW: 2nd letter added Dec. 1)

Diamond 4-district map (received Nov. 7)

Diamond 5-district map A (received Nov. 11)

Diamond 5-district map "5A Corrected" (NEW: received Dec. 1)

Diamond 5-district map "5B" (NEW: received Dec. 1)

Diamond 5-district map "5C" (NEW: received Dec. 2)

Sadowinski 5-district map (received Nov. 18)










MALDEF/LULAC Proposed Blue Revised

"90 Residents" Plan 1 (single-district plan)

Anonymous Plan A

"Bonnie & Clyde" Plan 1

Boysenberry Pie 1

Circle Back Plan 1

Gonzales Plan 1

Hamilton 1

Hello Kitty 1

iCan Plan 1

iCan Plan 2

iCan Plan 4

iCan Plan 5

"Johnny Depp" Plan 1

Korean Resource Center Plan 1

Le Donald 1

Schoales 1

Schoales 2

Skinner 1

Stamman Plan 1 

Successful Families Plan 1

"Susan B. Anthony" Plan 1

Swooze Plan 1 (single-district plan)

Zirkelbach 1

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